The Challenges of Natural Language Processing and Social Media Blog

What are some of the challenges we face in NLP today? by Muhammad Ishaq DataDrivenInvestor The first step of the NLP process is gathering the data (a sentence) and breaking it into understandable parts (words). Considering these metrics in mind, it helps to evaluate the performance of an NLP model for a particular task or […]

Enterprise AI Chatbot Platform and Solutions

معهد رواد العلم التقنى العالى للتدريب » PDF Smart Bot A Virtual Help Desk Chat Bot Swarda Aparaj Also, Aire released it’s Credit API to let other lenders use their system to perform a credit check. Moreover, AI can also be used now in credit admin software that is working with loan documentation and automate […]

Clarifying Image Recognition Vs Classification in 2023

Image Classification in AI: How it works It keeps doing this with each layer, looking at bigger and more meaningful parts of the picture until it decides what the picture is showing based on all the features it has found. There are many possible uses for automated image recognition in e-commerce. It is difficult to […]